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Almost anything can be cooked in these large barbecue pits. It can range from sausages to whole fish to pineapples. Beef, chicken, pork, and lamb are still the main staples. Most red meats are still cooked simply with just coarse salt while other meats such as lamb or chicken are marinated overnight in garlic, salt, and limejuice. Today, the method of cooking depends on where it is cooked. People will use coals, wood, or even propane to prepare these delicious cuts of meat.

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While it is impossible to cooking the food traditionally in restaurants as you would need to use a rotisserie over an open pit dug into the ground, but restaurants have created the same look and feel with expansive open cooking areas so you can view the preparation. In larger restaurants the fattier meats are cooked on the top levels of the pit so they flavor the leaner cuts on the bottom. If you want to try it at home, a similar form is by cooking kabobs. You can make kabobs and cook them inside on a grill to get similar results.

The style of the churrascarias is nothing like the American form of barbecue, but it has been duplicated in many different cities across the nation. Beware, you will not find any hamburgers or hot dogs on the menu. If you cannot make to any of these hotspots, you can purchase the grill and equipment online to get a taste of this delicious way of cooking. I would recommend it for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, or any holidays that you want to enjoy the outdoors. For the carnivores, anytime is Churrasco time.


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