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Texas Favorite
Chili Texas Style
For Chili Texas style; a little heat wont kill ya

Tuning up the Heat

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The kind and amount of peppers will determine the level of heat for the final dish, for spicy versions, four pepper pods per pound of meat, and 1 to 3 pods for milder. Chili powder can be used as a substitute for whole peppers, using half teaspoon is equivalent of one average average size chili pod. For chili Texas style turn up the heat some.

Adding in the Meat

Most chili Texas style recipes calls for small hand cuts of chuck, but can have hamburger grind to coarser chili grind of meat. Stock is as much of an argument as the history of chili recipes, which water, chicken stock, beef stock, beer, black coffee, red wine all have their place. Using a roux, adding cornstarch, Masa harina can be added to thicken your pot of chili.

Serving Chili Texas Style and Beyond

The variations of chili con carne (made with meat) has a common thread between the different versions from different states. New Mexico is a stew of vegetables, with or without meat, with chili peppers. In California, chili is often a mixture of beans, and ground beef, and Cincinnati chili is more of a topping for hot dogs, or topped over spaghetti. While Cincinnati chili isn’t as spicy as Texas chili, it tends to have great body due to the chocolate and cinnamon sometimes added. In Cincinnati restaurants, chili dishes are served “5 ways” chili and spaghetti is a two way, add cheese, beans, or onions over a 2 way to get a 3, 4, or 5 way. The main ingredients in Louisville chili are tomatoes, beans, ground beef, onions, chili powder, and also includes spaghetti in the recipe. Chili verde is a Mexican stew made of chunks of pork stewed slowly with broth, garlic, tomatillos, and jalapenos and or poblanos. Adding more jalapenos to chili verde makes Picante sauce. Not necessary a chili dish, but has to be included; The Frito pie is a cup of chili poured over a single serving of Frito corn chips, topped with cheese, jalapeno, and sour cream.

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