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Saint Arnold Brewing Company
The Saint Arnold Brewing Company has a complete line of fantastic brews
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Reserve No. 6: American Barleywine, Alcohol: 10% ABV

This barleywine is a big and balanced beer with hoppy, and malty characteristics. The sweetness comes from the malt, and spice from the hops to round out this high alcohol beer. They added brown sugar to the kettle along with Caramunich and Special B malts and 225 lbs of Columbus hops along with 44 lbs that were dry hopped. The rich, creamy mouthfeel comes from their Saint Arnold yeast strain.

Reserve No. 5: Russian Imperial Stout, Alcohol 10% ABV

This Reserve is a typical big and very black, with a rich malty, coffee, and chocolaty flavor. Its spiciness derives from its high alcohol, and hops from Nugget, Willamette, and Centennial. They suggest to serve with dark chocolate and a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream.

Reserve No. 4: Wee Heavy, Alcohol: 9.5%

Wee Heavy has an aroma of Irish coffee, hints of peat from this deep ruby beer. This beer is in the middle of thin, and heavy and a sweet, and creamy finish. The Saint Arnold yeast adds to the caramel malt, coffee, and citrus complexity.

Reserve No. 3: Double IPA, Alcohol: 9.5% ABV

Honey, and molasses are added to the kettle with Maris Otter, Wheat, Caravienne, Carapils, and Dark Crystal to lighten the beer. This hoppy beer includes Chinook, Centennial, and Ahtenum, then dryhopped with Cascades making a bitter and hoppy beer.

Reserve No. 2: Abbey American Quadruppel, Alcohol: 9.3% ABV

This beer breaks all molds of styles of beer, but could be described as a quaddruppel. It is brewed with Maris Otte, Munich, Victory, and Special B malts. Along with Perle, Liberty, Saaz hops, they add brown sugar to the kettle, while adding American Ale yeast, and Belgian Trappist yeast. The malty, fruity, spicy, and alcoholic with a pleasant bitter hop finish.

Reserve No. 1: Barleywine, Alcohol: 9.3% ABV

They use Maris Otter malt, then add Munich and Chocolate malt for a chocolatey flavor that is heavily hopped in the kettle. This creamy beer, has a pleasant fruity beer, that should hold up over time.


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