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Food and Beverage Underground Live
March 09, 2010

Food and Beverage Underground - It's Live!

Food and Beverage Underground has gone live! Our newest addition to the site is Food and Beverage Underground Live and you can find it at . Create your own profile, build your friends, share information, create groups, and events. You can start your own blog join in the discussions in the forums and much much, more.

The site will also be the new home for Food and Beverage Today magazine. Enjoy the new format, the new home and the interactive environment you can only find here!

Click here to visit the site and build your profile

Click here to visit Food and Beverage Underground

We are still tweaking the site so please give us your feedback. Anything we can do better, things we need to add or remove or just simple comments would be great.

We want this to be your site so help us turn it into something special for the f&b community!

Cheers all!

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