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(Camarillo, CA)

Being a SERVER is a profession in my opinion. I am wondering if we are getting paid for our professionalism or not ??? In the USA most Server/Waiter positions are minimum wage plus TIPS with exclusion of some states that do not hold the owner of the business liable to pay the TIPped position a minimum wage but a certain amount below that. Every Restaurant or Hospitality establishment has its " OWN " tip out policy. If we follow the basic guidelines for tipping out our help so to speak, my opinion on this is that " WE " ( WE=SERVERS) should get the bigger pie when it is divided-right? Well it doesn't always fall in our lap depending on the venue you work at. Most common tip out is on average 30% of your Tip-10% to the Busser/Assistant server, 10% to your Food runner and 10% to the Bar. This is the most common and acceptable tip out chart anything else would be hurting our pockets. Believe it or not there are some Restaurants that require you to tip out close to 45% of your tips including the Management, which i believe is morally and ethically wrong-Why should i pay for my Bosses lack of providing financial compensation to his Managers. Yes they are the HEAD of the Restaurant but we are the GEARS that keeps it in motion and the ones that are working hard for that extra TIP and shouldn't have to suffer by giving half of it away and it is just that GRATUITY meaning that u gave the best service and only you know how you did it .

There were a few lawsuits on the East coast regarding this Management tip witholding and distribution and the Servers won the case-I don't know if we can mention the name of the Restaurants who were involved.?

There are many options in regards on this issue but My Perfect Tip out chart would be as follows:

Assistant server should get most of the tip out because they work closely with you in giving the great service to customers. 12% of entire Bill

Food Runner should get less than the Assistant server but more than the Bar because they handle most of your food. 10% of entire Bill

Bar should in my opinion be only tipped on a percentage of alcohol and beverage sales in other words-why pay for something that they didn't deliver. 8% of alcohol sales.

Some Restaurants tip out the Host/Hostess which is usually just a few bucks per shift depending on the experience .

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Feb 22, 2015
Saddened at your arrogance NEW

To the people who think tipping is a privilege.
How ignorant and self absorbed can your be? Servers aren't there to work for you for free. Management is there to manage the flow of the restaraunt not make the servers get paid. No one controls how servers get paid other then the guest (YOU) I'm which if your a good server you pride yourself in doing your job waiting hand and foot and attending to every request. Caring. And for what? Someone who doesn't think they need to pay for the service that was provided? We have family's and bills just like you. I would love to know what you do for work and I come in and expect your services for free. For you not to get payed. And then u have the nerve to basically say servers don't deserve it and disregard there living.
I get payed 2 dollars and hour plus tips. In which 20 precent of those tips get taken away. Not to mention taxed, social security, Medicare...etc.
open up your eyes! The world doesn't work for u. People are not at your disposal for free! Have compassion and think about that server and how they go home everyday in a struggle dealing with arrogant assholes like you !

Aug 17, 2013
Paycheck tips NEW

Most restaurants will give you the CA$H the same night or in 2 business days (thats how long it takes for the money to transfer to the business bank) .
Some people work in this business for ease of CA$H flow-fast money. There`s nothing wrong in getting your TIPS on your paycheck, actually by Law they don't have to pay you the Tips till the next pay day so there is nothing wrong there. If you have cash tips you KEEP it don't ever give your cash tips and always keep track how much you`ve earned-dont trust your employer PERIOD, since some of them take advantage of the ill-informed and pocket that money for themselves, which is illegal.
A lot of Country Clubs do it this way-since the members don't pay and just sign their bills with gratuity automatically added, there might be some CA$H tips but you never claim that in a CC setting.
So, like i said MOST restaurants will pay the tips the same night or 2 days later-and if you think about it You still have some CA$H coming down the road-like a savings bond.

Aug 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

how about giving all of your money at the end if the night acd getting it on a pay check? Not walking home with any cash when you were tipped from the customers tipped you that day?? Waiting for 2 weeks to get the $ and be taxed on it plus your hourly wage?

Jun 30, 2013
Tipouts NEW
by: Anonymous

I work for Buffalo Wild Wings. We get paid 4.77 an hour. Our tips go all to us at night. The only tip out we have is to the bar and that is based on 2.5% of our sales for the night. I thought that was ridiculous till I started reading all these comments. Now, I feel like what I tip out is nothing.

Apr 05, 2013
Server NEW
by: Anonymous

I work in a restaurant.......Just to clarify-People that don't TIP are rare, i am pretty sure that the non tipping person will have longer waiting time at the bar than the tipping costumer and to point out that I only work 4 days a week total of 20 hrs/week , Own a Corvette, Challenger, Mercedes, over 100 watches, travel frequently, Tip more than 25% every time , but when i work i give 110% so that's why i can afford to own and do things because people are rewarding me for my hard work, not because they are BITTER Ol farts :)
Now tip me fucking 20% :)

Apr 05, 2013
Cheap A$$ NEW

So according to YOU-the whole system is flawed and needs to change. Tipping is OPTIONAL but the market has set it in a way that is required. If, like you say the EMPLOYER should pay than the prices you pay for the Food and drinks will sky rocket just to be able to cover the employees salaries and YOU will never be able to afford those luxuries-yes eating and drinking out is a LUXURY so PAY UP or seat yo` cheap A$$ home and don`t come out. If you go to Florida their hourly wage is $4 and change and if they don`t get tipped they worked for below minimum wage-that's why they ADD the tip to every check. You don.t have to tip, but KARMA is a bitch and sooner or later will catch up with you.

Apr 04, 2013
I don't like tipping! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a problem with servers and bartenders who think it's MY obligation to pay them for services rendered. Tip money is a privilege, not a right. I am not responsible for helping you pay your bills, just as you are not responsible for helping me pay mine. That is your EMPLOYER'S duty to take care of you financially, not mine. I don't want to feel like I'm being FORCED to pay you EXTRA money, on TOP of the money I'm already paying for drinks, food & juke box music! When I come out, I usually have just enough money to buy those three things I just mentioned, and that is it. Anything else needs to be coming from your employer, whom you chose to work for, and not from me. Hell, you don't go into a grocery store or fast food joint, and tip the servers/cashiers for their speedy and proficient service! Tell your bosses to start paying you what you're worth, or get another job!

Jan 22, 2013
Easier NEW

It is a lot Easier to tip out on the whole TIP received so 8% on the total TIP respectively to the Bar-nowadays with computers its easy to calculate the TIP based on the BAR sales but more universal is to tip on as a whole.

Jan 21, 2013
Bartender tip out NEW
by: Anonymous

So please clarify. You stated earlier that bartenders should be tipped out on sales because why tip on a service not provided, but later said based on total tips not bill percentages.

Jan 21, 2013
Bartender tip out NEW
by: Anonymous

So please clarify. You stated earlier that bartenders should be tipped out on sales because why tip on a service not provided, but later said based on total tips not bill percentages.

Jan 21, 2013
Bartender tip out NEW
by: Anonymous

So please clarify. You stated earlier that bartenders should be tipped out on sales because why tip on a service not provided, but later said based on total tips not bill percentages.

Jan 15, 2013
tip out NEW
by: Anonymous

Im working at IHOP. The hostess' are getting $8.00/hr. Management is now saything that the servers have to tip them out because they are bussing our table. I told them I didn't need there help. Am I still obligated to tip them out. Is there a law stating that If I don't sign something agreeing to tip them out, then I can't get written up for it.

Nov 06, 2011
hibachi servers have it pretty bad...
by: Anonymous

i am a server at a hibachi restaurant, and let me tell you, my tip out is probably one of the worst. of all my tips, i give my bartender 5% or bar sales, sushi chefs 5% of sushi, and "traditional" chefs 5% of fried appetizers and deserts. then, i give 2% to kitchen help, 8-10% to the assistant server, and half of what's leftover to my chef...not to mention the pressure of selling everything from top shelf drinks, chef special sushi, and dinner upgrades. at the end of the night, we have to turn in all of our tips and it is then brought to our paycheck...the result? TAXED tips...which means it's even less money. on a good night where i COULD have made $200 after "regular" tip outs...i end up with about $80....maybe $90. and that's if everyone tips me the "proper" amount of 15-25% of the bill. but no, a lot of our customers are cheap-o's, or teenagers that don't leave any tip. to this day, i don't understand why teens are not educated on how they should simply go to a non-service restaurant, or to restrain themselves and leave enough money for tip if they so desire to go to a service restaurant.

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

The Pub I work at doesn't have food runners nor do we get help with a hostess or server helper. At the end of the night, we are to tip out the bartender 10% of our bar sales. Tonight... it was $23 out of the $91 I made! I think it is insane that we tip them out so much. They do nothing but pour drinks into a glass and set them on the bar for the servers to pick up and run to their tables, sometimes numerous times. Especially on nights like tonight where we have a special Trivia night and most people sit there for those 3 hours and just drink. How can that be right? We aren't cocktail waitresses, we are servers.

Jul 30, 2010
by: Martin

I meant to say %age of the Total tips, so 12% of total tips to Assistant server, 10% to Runner and 8% to Bar from total TIPS :)))))

Jul 29, 2010
re: tip out policy by martin
by: Anonymous

according to "your" tip out policy - 12% of the "bill" goes to assistant waiter, 10% of the "bill" goes to food runner/busser? OK I am not a math genius but that is 22% of the bill! So what does the waiter get ???? assuming the customer has tipped well over 22% of the bill?

Sep 12, 2009
Welcome to the fallsview marriott
by: Anonymous

We in ontario, have NO laws about it.

I tip out 39%. not on cash bills (the 'tip' is included in all room service bills) I only pay tax on that. Tax included.

under normal conditions, I don't mind a tip out, that's because the restaraunt needs help (acceptable help) for the hostesses, etc.

even still, you'd be tough to find people willing to put up with THIS kind of thing.

39% tipout?

Honestly? Please, name me one other place in North America, besides the fallsview marriott that does this.

i do the EXACT same thing as a server does, review the food, the drinks, etc. I am a server of food. I call the room back after a few minutes (depending on the guests).

The economy is tight, understandable.

They also enforced this, before the economy got so tight.

Already looking for another job, but, I may be looking for a long time -- and paying managers, who otherwise would have to be paid by Ferrari owners. (not an exadurastion.)

They also own most of the area.

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